Our Mission

We will develop and implement innovative and cost effective client specific solutions to address the needs of a diverse customer base, in an effective, professional and responsible manner.

Our Vision

  • A company that utilizes “best in class” practices and procedures.
  • An employer that recognizes the contributions of all of its employees as critical to its success.
  • An organization built on trust, integrity and long term relationships.
  • A workplace that is a source of pride for employees.
  • A responsible member of the community.
  • A profitable organization providing long term, secure employment opportunities for a stable workforce.

Our Values

  • We are committed to continually exceed our customer expectations in everything we do.
  • The personal health and safety of all our employees is our first priority.
  • The commitment and knowledge of our employees is key to the success of our business and we will provide opportunities for continuous learning and personal development.
  • A company that operates on the basis of honesty integrity and protects the individual dignity of our employees.
  • Teamwork is a basic tenet of all aspects of our business.
  • We value, respect, and protect the environment in which we operate.
  • Positive long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, communities, and government institutions play a key role in our ultimate success.

Professional traffic control services

From large projects to small closures that could last only a matter of hours, day or night, our team is always ready to discuss your project requirements and help you plan all your traffic needs.

Professional Traffic Control

Professional Traffic Control

We are committed to providing high-quality professional traffic control services that will ensure public safety, City of Abbotsford compliance, and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Operation

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and strive on quick turnaround times to keep your project going when you need it.

Trained Staff & Well Equipped

Trained Staff & Well Equipped

Our staff is trained and well equipped to assist you, providing reliable traffic control solutions, traffic management plans and flagging services.

Build Lasting Relationship

We endeavor to build a reputable organization creating meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that operating this way leads to mutual success.