With experienced, professional, and reliable employees, Green Valley Traffic is proud to serve its clients in the construction, oil and gas, utility industry, and road maintenance companies throughout Fraser Valley. The service is available on-call, 24 hours a day, and seven days a week to assist and manage the proper traffic control safety measures and regulations needed for on-site projects alongside roads and highways.

In all weather conditions, Green Valley Traffic understands the businesses as they are associated with and understand where their priorities stand. It’s why their staff of certified professionals are ready to take on the work in any roadside situation. The company has provided traffic control in various emergency situations and also has experience assisting for wide-load transportation in areas where the extra visibility and workers are needed to guide motorists in the right direction.

Where it is necessary to close a lane to traffic, a more rigorous traffic control setup may be required.

One of our Lane Closure Vehicles with a Flashing Arrow Board (FAB) can be deployed to increase visibility and to act as a buffer between oncoming traffic and the workers on the roadway. Our Lane Closure Vehicles can also be deployed when a customer has no signs or traffic control equipment of their own. In that case, a Lane Closure Truck with a complete complement of equipment and signs is dispatched.

Our drivers are certified TCP’s and set up the necessary traffic control equipment and layout based on the traffic control requirements.